Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to play chess

How to play chess?

Welcome on my chess site!
You don't know how to play chess? This is good place to start adventure with chess! This site is special chess course for all beginners. So if You only what to play chess go to first lesson and start the game!

Chess Lesson 1 All about chessboard
Chess Lesson 2 Pieces
Chess Lesson 2.1 How to set pieces on the chessboard step by step
Chess Lesson 3 Pawn
Chess Lesson 3.1 Pawns Attack
Chess Lesson 3.2 Pawns Special Attack
Chess Lesson 3.3 Pawns Special Ability
Chess Lesson 3.4 How to good use pawns
Chess Lesson 4 Rock
Chess Lesson 5 Knight
Chess Lesson 6 Knight
Chess Lesson 7 Queen
Chess Lesson 8 King
Chess Lesson 8.1 Checkmate
Chess Lesson 9 Castling

Chess Lesson 1 - All about chessboard

All about chessboard.

Lets start!

How build is the Chessboard? You will always play chess on the special chessboard. All chessboard are the same – 8 squares long and 8 squares large what gives 64 black and white fields.
Colour of fields are not only black and white but very often for example light brown and dark brown. It is really not important. We will use black and white chessboard, pawns and figures because of tradition.

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Simple rules of chessboard

Remember that one square is one field. This is important because we will use this like measure to learn how many fields can go our pawn or figure.

On one field can stand only one Pawn or Figure.

Chessboard have numeration. Numeration is use to record moves.

When you prepare chessboard to the game remember that white rock stand on A1 Field and this is white site of the board and black castle palace is A8 and this is black site. This is important because of moves record during the game.